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Do not place the child in a child backpack carrier and leave them unattended. Backpack stands will assist the wearer when he or she loads and unloads the child, but it will tip over if the child decides to throw their weight to either side.

Do not wear the child backpack carrier while jogging, bicycling, swimming, rollerblading, driving, riding horses, climbing ladders, cooking, or performing any other activity outside of walking or hiking.

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Storage Compartments

Look for a carrier with additional storage compartments and pockets to allow the user to carry bottles, snacks, diapers, and toys.

Changing Pads

Choose a child backpack carrier with a changing pad or buy a small portable changing pad so that the baby can be diapered anywhere.

Rain or Sun Hoods

Buy an attachable rain or sun hood to protect the child from the elements, especially if the child has a tendency to take off his or her hat.

Rings to Attach Toys and Pacifiers

Babies often like to throw objects from the child carrier backpack. In order to prevent games of fetch, buy links to attach toys to the child backpack carrier and a pacifier holder to secure pacifiers and hats.

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If a person needs help removing the child backpack carrier when he or she is away from home, find somebody to assist. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Always use caution and common sense when the child is in the child backpack. By following a few safety rules, it is possible to have a pleasant and safe child backpacking experience.