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Really … how cute are these backpacks for young kids? offers these animal backpacks as a Puppy, Monkey, Frog, Penguin, Zebra, Owl and a Bee. You can even buy the matching insulated lunch bags … what a darling gift. What kid won’t want one of these little animal sets to carry school supplies and lunches?

Preschoolers on the other hand prefer . After all, you can’t expect a preschooler to carry heavy stuff, thus, they prefer the most convenient way of doing so. Nevertheless, several parents and guardians are happy with the emergence of Jansport backpacks for kids.

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    Since Jansport offers a variety of school backpacks for kids, the parents leave the ‘choosing task’ in the hands of their children. After all, it’s better to let the children select what they want, instead of the parents choosing for them. It would be stressful for parents to choose something, but in the end, their kids don’t like what they’ve chosen.

    Indeed, it seems Jansport is unbeatable when it comes to offering well-themed backpacks for kids. For several years already, Jansport never failed, not even once, in meeting the expectations of both parents and children. It seems so easy for them to know what the children want in terms of backpacks.